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AIDA64 Engineer is a streamlined Windows diagnostic and benchmarking software for engineers. AIDA64 Engineer provides a wide range of features to assist in overclocking, hardware error diagnosis, stress testing, and sensor monitoring. It has unique capabilities to assess the performance of the processor, system memory, and disk drives. AIDA64 is compatible with all current 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Update 1.

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Up next are the FPU results using AIDA64 Engineer. You can download a trial version of the program right from APH Networks, as we are an official mirror for FinalWire. Anyway, let us talk about the results. Once again, we are seeing marginal gains from the overclocked Intel Core i7-4790K processor, but not as much as the CPU tests on the previous page. As I have mentioned earlier, the Intel Core i7-4790K operates at 4.0GHz from the factory, but thanks to our beefy Noctua NH-D15 cooler, it does not have any issues operating in Turbo Boost frequency for extended periods of time. Therefore, even when overclocked to 4.7GHz on the Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK, we are only seeing a gain of only 300MHz from stock, which is not entirely significant. This provided a gain of 7.2%, 6.8%, 5.2%, and 6.8%, respectively, in the four AIDA64 FPU results, as listed above.

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3. A Closer Look, Board Layout, Test System
4. Benchmark: AIDA64 CPU
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7. Benchmark: PCMark 8
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9. Benchmark: PassMark PerformanceTest 8.0
10. Benchmark: SuperPI 1M, Cinebench R15
11. Onboard Sound Frequency Analysis
12. Overclocking and Conclusion