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About PCMark 8

PCMark 8 is the latest version in our series of popular PC benchmarking tools. It is designed to test the performance of all types of PC, from tablets to desktops. With five separate benchmark tests plus battery life testing, PCMark 8 helps you find the devices that offer the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. PCMark 8 is the complete PC benchmark for home and business.

From: Developer's Page

PCMark 8 is the latest revision of the popular full system benchmark from Futuremark. It tests five general categories, which includes Home, Creative, Work, Storage, and Applications. In order to run the Applications benchmark, you must have Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office installed. We do have those programs here at APH Networks, but this is a test platform, so we do not have extra licenses to go around just for benchmarking purposes. As such, I left them out of my results. I did run the Storage suit, because we are testing a full motherboard here. With PCMark 8 fired up, all tests were run in Accelerated mode, where available. Much to my surprise, running the Intel Core i7-4790K at 4.7GHz and at stock (Turbo Boost at 4.4GHz) on the Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK made no appreciable difference. In fact, the scores are so close to each other, it made less than a hundred point difference in every single result.

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2. Bundle, Chipset, BIOS
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7. Benchmark: PCMark 8
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9. Benchmark: PassMark PerformanceTest 8.0
10. Benchmark: SuperPI 1M, Cinebench R15
11. Onboard Sound Frequency Analysis
12. Overclocking and Conclusion