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In the past, I have personally owned quite a few USB flash drives -- and to be honest, I have never really paid much attention to I/O performance or capacity, as long as it got the job done. Up until recently, I realized how important this is, and Kingston's DataTraveler Ultimate G2 32GB flash drive is one product that does just that with proficiency. There is little to complain about it in terms of exterior design, as it features many aspects that are pleasing to the eye. Its half plastic and half aluminum shell gives it a good overall appeal, while keeping the USB itself very light. The only thing I would like to complain about is that it is kind of fat, so if Kingston could give it a Jenny Craig treatment, it would definitely be ideal. In terms of benchmarking, I do wish that it performed better when it comes down to small file I/O operations, as seen in our Crystal Disk Mark results. But when it comes down to larger files, the Ultimate G2 really did its job very well. Its performance in sequential reads and writes is actually very good, which means high data throughput when transferring large files. However, its low input/output operations per second (Also known as IOPS) is somewhat disappointing. The good news is the Patriot Supersonic Magnum 64GB is no better, so hey, who are we to complain? If you have many small files to quickly transfer to your friend's computer, then you will have to be a little bit more patient. But if you take a step back for a moment, generally speaking, with so much space, personally, I would stick a couple of movies on it rather than simply using it for document transfers. With the minimum price of admission of only $50 the 16GB version and $80 for the 32GB version at press time, if you are really looking to keep a lot of files on you all the time, and like the modern man who won't accept "slow" as part of your dictionary, the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate G2 is definitely a good choice to include in your next budget. If you are looking at the 64GB version, however, then the Patriot Supersonic Magnum 64GB offers better performance for the same price at the time of review.

Kingston provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate G2 32GB delivers solid large file read/write performance over USB 3.0, along with a relatively affordable price of admission.

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