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As I have said in the introduction of this review, the Lexar Professional SL100 Pro 500GB portable solid state drive not only allows you to keep an air gap between your data and the internet, but also has 256-bit AES encryption support to keep your data safe locally from the outside world. In a number of ways, there is a lot to like about this drive. The SL100 Pro comes in a sleek, clean design. Its aluminum construction is of great quality and flexes to nothing. Using a standard USB Type-C interface and including a cable for both USB Type-C and USB Type-A was a great design choice. With a rated speed of up to 950MB/s read and 900MB/s write, the NVMe-based SL100 Pro is one of the fastest drives on paper on the market today. According to our benchmarks, we were actually able to exceed both figures -- cracking 1000MB/s -- in one of our linear read tests. However, the SL100 Pro's performance under shorter file transfers and medium workloads leaves a bit to be desired. It was considerably slower than the Crucial X8 and LaCie Rugged SSD in most tests; considering the Crucial X8 500GB is about $80 and LaCie Rugged SSD 500GB is about $150 at press time, the $120 Lexar Professional SL100 Pro 500GB just is not good enough in this area. A few other small things the SL100 Pro can improve upon are to include longer cables and use a blinking activity LED rather than a regular activity LED. All in all, the Lexar Professional SL100 Pro 500GB is a decent portable SSD that needs to be priced more competitively to be more... well, competitive.

Lexar provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Lexar Professional SL100 Pro 500GB is a sleek, well-built portable NVMe-based solid state drive.

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