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Bucking a trend is not always an easy thing to do. Today, the ROCCAT Burst Pro is a mouse that both follows the new craze of low mass while also having a nonporous body. As such, the ROCCAT Burst Pro is very well built despite being light weight. The mouse feels solid and able to withstand daily gaming or office use. Its 68g falls in line with other featherweight competition and the Burst Pro sits in a frame size suitable for the average gamer. I also appreciate the more flexible and lighter braided cable on the Burst Pro. Internally, we do see how ROCCAT has reduced weight in its hollowed-out shell without negatively affecting performance. The lights also shine through for a neat effect due to this hollowed-out translucent body. The optical primary switches do an excellent job at providing a light but tactile feel, and the secondary buttons are quite good too. Underneath, the choice to include additional skates with our Burst Pro is something I hope other mice manufacturers will start or keep doing. The ROCCAT-branded PixArt PMW3389 sensor is a recognizable one because it is one of the best. On our Burst Pro, it offered great tracking without showing signs of lag, jitter, prediction, or spin-out. Finally, ROCCAT's Swarm software offers customization in both lighting and performance metrics, even if it is starting to show its age in terms of the interface. In reality, the only thing I can think about noting for improvement is to make the Burst Pro's surface easier to grip. At retail time, the ROCCAT Burst Pro can be found for around $50 USD, which again falls in line with other agile mice like the Cooler Master MM711. As such, I think ROCCAT has excellently executed the start of ultralight mice in a solid shell, and I expect other manufacturers to be taking notes to match the Burst Pro.

ROCCAT provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ROCCAT Burst Pro is now the mouse to beat, combining a featherweight design, excellent performance, and an impenetrable body.

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