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About HD Tach

HD Tach is a low level hardware benchmark for random access read/write storage devices such as hard drives, removable drives (ZIP/JAZZ), flash devices, and RAID arrays. HD Tach uses custom device drivers and other low level Windows interfaces to bypass as many layers of software as possible and get as close to the physical performance of the device possible.

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As mentioned in other storage reviews here at APH Networks, HD Tach takes a “drag-race” approach to evaluating drive performance, but it still provides valuable insight into how good a drive is compared to the next. As we can see from the screenshot above, the average read speed of the Silicon Power Blaze B05 64GB is 214.3MB/s. This is pretty impressive for a USB drive commanding $40 at press time. You can see an almost 100% flat line, as shown in the screenshot above. Similar to the Silicon Power M70, the drive came with files preloaded, but I took the liberty to remove those files. If they were still on the drive, the line would more closely resemble the line created by the M70. As well, the burst speed sits at 223.6MB/s, but this should make little difference in real life. The latency is 0.3ms, which is consistent with our AIDA64 results.

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