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Despite coming in two other colors other than pink, APH Networks is pretty notorious in getting more and more pink products, and the Silicon Power Blaze B05 64GB is no exception to the case. Commanding a price of $40 at press time, the performance to price ratio is quite impressive. And what gives? It is a good looking drive; getting it in pink just makes it so much more outstanding. As we can see from the data obtained on previous pages, it can hold up quite the fight against its competition such as the Patriot Supersonic Rage XT with the same capacity for $10 less. This is not to mention it comes in a clean design and slick looks. Compared to other models from the the same company, such as the Marvel M70 64GB, each had their strengths in certain tests, but it seems that the Blaze B05 pulled slightly ahead in the race, which justifies the B05's higher price tag. The only real complaint about it is that it has a slight rattle when shaken, but this is a minor issue, as it will not damage any electronics. With a nice design, fast read and write speeds, and a decently large capacity to boot, the Silicon Power Blaze B05 64GB is definitely a product you should consider putting on your next shopping list -- especially if you want one in pink. If not, you can get it in more conservative colors.

Silicon Power provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Silicon Power Blaze B05 64GB is a very lightweight USB 3.0 flash drive that delivers quite the performance for its price for only $40 at press time. Did I mention you can even buy one in pink?

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