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With seven pages of commentary and testing on the Silicon Power Marvel M70 64GB now behind us, it is time to conclude on if it is worth the money or not. For me, as a typical starving university student, I would always go for the cheaper product. I did some research by going on some large American online retailers to check the prices of this USB flash drive, and surprisingly, the M70 commanded a price of just over $30 at press time. Compared to the Patriot Supersonic Rage XT of the same capacity, and the Silicon Power is only 60% of the price! This is not to mention its excellent metal construction to boot. But how about its performance? On the retail box of the Silicon Power Marvel M70 64GB, it said read up to 230MB/s, and write up to 80MB/s. Obviously, there are always some variants to these figures, but for most products we have reviewed here at APH Networks, usually our benchmark results should come pretty close. However, while we were able to get close to that figure for write, the closest we got to that in read in any benchmark was only 188.8MB/s. I am not saying this is a bad number; I am just slightly disappointed it does not perform as well as advertised. Nonetheless, the results are still quite satisfying, especially for its price, since it performs extremely well for the money it commands. If you are looking for a USB flash drive that does its job and has an appealing design for a very affordable price, one could say the Silicon Power Marvel M70 64GB is quite... marvelous.

Silicon Power provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Silicon Power Marvel M70 64GB is a very well constructed USB 3.0 flash drive that delivers surprisingly good performance for only $30 at press time.

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