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After going through our benchmark results, a very prominent question arises: With all the statistical ties due to extremely close results, what does this prove? Generally, both pairs of memory utilizes same ICs; and running at same close latencies and identical frequencies the predicted results should be very close, as we've shown. It's almost like benchmarking the same pair of RAM with minor latency changes (I know the PCB designs are slightly different, but still) -- if it's significantly different, then there must be something wrong. Since RAM affects many areas of performance in a computer, we chose this specific set of benchmarks as we've done so in all our memory reviews.

As we can see in the previous pages, both the OCZ and Super Talent memory performed very consistently across the board -- and this proves that the Project X RAM definitely holds its standard as performance memory; as the OCZ set are in somewhat the same category. As described earlier, our motherboards tested at press time with the latest BIOS did not support it running at higher dividers, therefore we cannot do DDR3-1800 without overclocking the CPU FSB itself. This is why we used the DDR3-1800 Project X with identical settings as its DDR3-1600 variant, from specifications obtained on Super Talent's website.

Now when it comes to getting memory, the biggest enthusiast question is how well it overclocks. Now this is the section that distinguishes this set of RAM against any other. Let's see how well it performs in overclocking scenarios -- and let me tell you this, I would expect quite a bit from Super Talent's Project X DDR3-1800 -- for RAM with Micron D9GTR that can do 7-7-7-21 @ DDR3-1800 2.0V, we'd expect quite a bit. Let's see how it goes.

Out of curiosity, I was wondering what the Super Talent Project X can do at DDR3-1600 for latencies. I didn't try anything too aggressive; at 1.90V (-0.10V from stock 2.00V setting, or +0.10V from the DDR3-1600 variant's stock 1.80V) I can confirm 6-6-6-18 is Orthos stable at 1T command rate (Done on Asus P5E3-Deluxe/WiFi-AP@n).

Now, time for the fun -- with no voltage increase and stock latencies, I managed 1866MHz with Super Talent's Project X memory at 2.00V 7-7-7-21. That's a 3.6% overclock; but with DDR3 running at these frequencies I certainly didn't expect much -- especially with 7-7-7 latencies.

Finally, I'll try to achieve to maximum overclock on these RAM -- regardless of voltage and dropping the latencies down to 8-8-8-24. I managed DDR3-1920 with Super Talent's Project X RAM; which is absolutely incredible -- the only thing holding me back is probably the motherboard or CPU since I have no CPU/motherboard combination laying around that can go beyond 480MHz (1920MHz QDR) FSB stable. I've seen other people with Super Talent's Project X DDR3-1800 set going past the 2000MHz mark, unfortunately I cannot confirm that myself -- it probably can, however -- that's incredible. This translates to a 6.6% overclock at 2.1V (+0.1V off stock or warranty coverage); but at this rate I don't expect much in overclocking since DDR3-1800 is pretty much the fastest DDR3 you can buy. Anything overclocking beyond that is just icing on the cake.

The Super Talent Project X series is an amazing set of RAM offered in the market. From its competitive price, consistent performance with 'stock' settings (This is referenced on DDR3-1600 settings @ 7-6-6-18), and amazing 7-7-7 latencies at DDR3-1800 speeds, the Super Talent Project X not only offers an incredible package out of the box, but also incredible when in nearly every aspect. Fairly unique and nice looking heatsink looks only add to aesthetics in a windowed case (Most motherboards should orient it in the right direction). Its incredible overclocking of potential brought it to DDR3-1920 @ 8-8-8-24 2T 2.1V, and so far I can only see my equipment as the limitation, not the RAM. We are extremely impressed by these quality American made modules by Super Talent -- I haven't made a definite recommendation for a long time, but the Super Talent Project X is beyond a well round package. It simply blew me away. If you are looking for DDR3 RAM for your next build, the Super Talent Project X DDR3-1800 2x1GB set is surely the way to go.

Special thanks to Amy over at Super Talent for making this review possible.

APH Recommended Award
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I can't remember the last time I've given out an APH Recommended. However, the consistent across the board performance, overclocking, aggressive heatsink design, Super Talent's reputation for quality American made modules, with lower price in comparison to other DDR3 RAM offered by the Project X is very impressive!

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