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Murder on the Orient Express is a great movie. I disagree entirely with most of what I have read as criticism of the movie, as it is overall a fun and enjoyable flick. The main critique of the movie, that I have noticed, is the main character, Hercule Poirot, is not a relatable character. However, as I have pointed out, you are not supposed to relate to the character. He is an oddity, which is what makes him a good detective. Similarly in the tech world, we attempt to rate and evaluate a product depending on what it sets out to achieve. For a budget SSD like the BX300, the intention is usually fast and reliable storage at an affordable price compared to a hard drive. From the synthetic tests, the Crucial BX300 240GB met those needs. The Crucial BX300 240GB did quite well throughout all of the synthetic tests, with some similar, albeit lower results, in the real life performance tests. It performed well with the PCMark 8 consistency test compared to other drives in its class as well. Rated drive endurance was also decent, especially from a budget-oriented perspective. These performance results obviously relate to the price, which is an important factor we consider when we evaluate a product. The Crucial BX300 240GB can be found for around $88 USD, which is a great price for what you get. This drive will be an upgrade over a normal hard drive and competes well with similarly priced competition. Overall, the Crucial BX300 240GB performed well in the benchmarks, and considering the money at press time, makes it an excellent choice.

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Crucial provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

The Crucial BX300 240GB performed well in all of our benchmarks and, given its low price at press time, is an excellent budget-conscious choice for those who are looking for something faster than their hard drive.

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