Gigabyte G1 Gaming GeForce GTX 970 4GB Review (Page 4 of 13)

Page 4 - Benchmark: 3DMark

The latest version of 3DMark is the first cross-platform graphics benchmarking tool developed by Futuremark Corporation. Initially announced on November 14, 2011, and released to the public on February 4, 2013, this is a DirectX 11 benchmark with hardware level 9 and 10 support. There are four independent test sets within the program. According to Wikipedia, Ice Storm is a DirectX 11 hardware level 9 benchmark with OpenCL ES 2.0 more geared towards mobile devices and entry level PCs. Cloud Gate is a DirectX 11 hardware level 10 benchmark for mainstream computers. For typical home PCs and notebooks, a DirectX 11 feature level 10 test named Cloud Gate is available. Fire Strike is the most demanding of them all; used for testing high end gaming machines. The "Extreme" version is a more demanding variant of their respective tests.

As you can see in our graphs above, the Gigabyte G1 Gaming GeForce GTX 970 4GB is quite a bit faster than the mainstream GTX 760 from the last generation. Our slightly overclocked G1 Gaming GTX 970 also managed to score slightly higher than the GTX 970 is stock configuration; delivering an increase of 6.6%, 3.79%, 1.78%, and 1.77% for Fire Strike Extreme, Sky Diver, Cloud Gate, and Ice Storm Extreme, respectively. These tests are in presented in decreasing order of GPU dependency, which are reflected in the results above.

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