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GeIL Super Luce RGB SYNC GLS416GB3200C14DC 2x8GB Review (Page 1 of 10)

Of the three credit cards I have, my favorite card has to be the American Express. Although it is not accepted everywhere -- this is why I have two Mastercards -- it is accepted in more places than most people think, and there are generally more benefits to using my American Express compared to even my Mastercard World Elite. But beyond things like everyday benefits or excellent customer service, the company often runs interesting promotions I scratch my head at. I recall a promotion a few years ago where spending $25 at Amazon will get you $25 of statement credit. I am pretty sure most people know Amazon accepts American Express; not to mention $25 is not exactly a small number. Therefore, it is quite possible people were only spending $25 to get their free $25, which was exactly what I did. Regardless of whether this promotion made sense, I used it anyway, and American Express is getting some free promotion given I am talking about it right now. There are other things that do not make a lot of sense, like slapping RGB on every component in your PC ranging from fans to power supplies. But everyone uses it and it sells, so who are we to question? A few years ago, I reviewed the GeIL EVO X GEX416GB3200C16DC 2x8GB, my first RGB memory kit. Fast forward a few years and after many more kits, today we are back with another set of RGB RAM from GeIL. How will the Super Luce RGB SYNC GLS416GB3200C14DC 2x8GB stack up? Read on to find out!

Noctua NH-U12A Review (Page 1 of 4)

As you may have read from my hot potato game I am currently in, I left off the story with the pink and purple castle in my camera bag. I knew I had to plan for a way to return it to this friend, who I will call Ellen, without her figuring it out. I decided the only way I could hide the figurative potato somewhere sneaky without drawing suspicion would be to get a friend involved. Ellen was in the senior high group and I was helping with the younger group, so I also chose someone who would see her more. That same evening, I found my accomplice and approached them while all the youth were playing games. As I was doing so, I turned around and saw Ellen behind me, filling her cup with water and ominously drinking water while staring at me. At that moment, I thought she saw through all my plans and grew nervous if my plans would even work. Instead of bailing, I decided to distract her. Whipping out my camera, I showed my accomplice the things I had taken pictures of that day. The time seemed to pass slowly by, but she finally finished her water and left. I quickly transferred the castle to my friend, praying Ellen would not find this plush until later. Sometimes when we look at computer air cooling and heatsinks, we may think bigger is better. In some ways, this can be true. Noctua thinks otherwise with the NH-U12A. As the number in the name denotes, this is a 120mm radiator, with two 120mm fans included. However, Noctua claims this cooler can deliver 140mm class performance. Despite its smaller appearances, are their claims actually true? Or are they just distracting us with fake information? I guess we can read on to find out!

Google Chrome is getting a reader mode on desktop

From The Verge: The desktop version of Google Chrome’s browser is getting a reader mode, which can be used to strip out a page’s unnecessary background clutter to make an article easier to read. ZDNet notes that the feature launched today in Chrome’s experimental Canary release, and it should make its way to more stable versions of the browser in the future.

Report: Smaller Nintendo Switch Launching This Fall

From PC mag: Last month it was rumored that Nintendo was set to launch a cheaper Switch, now we know how that's going to be achieved: the new Switch is expected to be smaller.

As The Verge reports, a report coming out of Japan suggests that Nintendo is preparing to launch a new version of the Switch in the fall. The key difference for this new model is its size as Nintendo has decided a smaller, more portable version of the Switch would sell well. It's hard to argue against that.

Mozilla brings Python data science to the browser

From InfoWorld: Mozilla’s experimental Pyodide project is bringing a Python data science stack to the web browser, by compiling it to WebAssembly. Pyodide is a WebAssembly implementation of Python’s Numpy scientific computing library, the Pandas data analysis library, and parts of the SciPy library for math, science, and engineering. Python’s Matplotlib plotting library is incorporated as well.

Amazon will reportedly close its Chinese online store

From CNET: Amazon will shut its online store in China by July 18, a report said Thursday,

It'll mean shoppers in the most populous country (with 1.4 billion people) in the world won't be able to buy from local sellers, but can still order from the US, Britain, Germany and Japan via the Amazon's global store, according to Reuters.

VIPER GAMING announces Viper Steel Series DDR4 SODIMM Performance Memory

From Patriot Press Release: VIPER GAMING today announced the release of Viper Steel Series DDR4 SODIMM Performance Memory featuring cutting-edge performance with speeds up to 3000MHz, available from 8GB to 16GB.

LG’s debut 5G handset has been delayed in South Korea

From The Verge: LG is delaying the launch of its first 5G handset, the LG V50 ThinQ, in South Korea. In a statement first spotted by Phone Arena (via Google Translate) the company said that it was delaying it in order to “concentrate on the completeness” of the phone, which was originally due to be launched on April 19th in the country. LG added that it is working closely with modem manufacturer Qualcomm as well as South Korea’s mobile operators to improve the 5G service, and will confirm the release date of the V50 “later.”

Report: Updated 4.7-Inch iPhone 8 Launching in 2020

From PC Mag: We've probably reached peak iPhone, but Apple is desperate to keep its smartphones selling, so it looks as though we're going to get a new budget offering next year in the form of a revised iPhone 8.

As MacRumors reports, a report coming out of China suggests Apple is set to revise the internals of the iPhone 8 for re-release next year. By doing so, Apple will be able to better compete in the mid-tier smartphone market, especially in China where competition is at its strongest.


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